Touching Notes v2.0

Updated on January 14, 2012 Download
Initially released on January 06, 2012

This app allows to save notes along with the location information and Date. Using this app is simple, easy and completely free.

How to Add a new note:

  • On the Add Note screen tap Add on the app bar.
  • Type your note and hit save.

How to View a note:

  • Tap a note on Add Note screen will show you complete note, location and date.

How to Edit a Note:

  • Double tap the note on the View Note Screen to edit an existing note.
  • Tap save on the app bar to save the modified one.

How to Delete a note:

  • Tap delete on the View note/ Edit note screen and confirm.

Hope you find this one useful. Please rate the app along with your comments and Issues.